The senior members of our European debt team have more than 20 years of individual lending experience and have worked together for more than 10 years. Their extensive network of proprietary industry relationships allows us to access a wide range of lending opportunities. Our debt team has broad experience structuring, negotiating and syndicating lending arrangements and handles loan servicing and asset management in-house. Our European lending business also benefits from our integrated property platform, allowing our debt team members to draw on the complementary expertise and resource networks of other senior GreenOak professionals. This integration provides the additional benefit of deeper market knowledge and insight to decisions throughout the lending process.

Since 2001, members of the European team, in their current and former roles, have originated and executed more than £3 billion of aggregate lending in the United Kingdom and an additional £7 billion throughout Europe. Our relationships with lenders and creditors as well as other potential counterparties are unconstrained by legacy conflicts, which we believe will continue to allow GreenOak to access unrestricted deal flow and evaluate investment opportunities with fresh perspective and capital. The debt team has raised over $1.9bn of discretionary capital for its dedicated lending platform.

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